Shooting Space. Architecture in Contemporary Photography

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Shooting Space
Architecture in Contemporary Photography
Elias Redstone

Hardback English
290 x 250 mm, 11 3/8 x 9 7/8 in
240 pp
150 colour illustrations, 50 black and white illustrations
ISBN-13: 9780714867427
ISBN-10: 071486742X


  • A collection of the best contemporary photography of architecture and the built environment
  • Photography is the most powerful, accessible and popular way to access architecture, cities and the built environment. Shooting Space is the first book to explore how photographers and architects are exploring this fascinating phenomenon in their work
  • Featuring the work of notable artists, including Hélène Binet, Iwan Baan, Richard Wentworth, Thomas Struth, Annie Leibovitz and Walter Niedermayr, as well as cutting-edge new photographers such as Bas Princen, Theo Simpson and Filip Dujardin
  • A timely survey of the world we have constructed around us and the way we view it; this is the first publication to bring together the work of such respected and innovative photographers through the prism of architecture
  • Truly global in scope, featuring photographers and images from all over the world and subject matter as varied as the CCTV Tower by OMA in Beijing to the abandoned industrial grandeur of Detroit
  • Organised thematically the work covers the collaborations of photographer and architect; intense contemporary urbanisation; man-made alterations to the natural landscape; rediscovered and reappraised Modernist icons; and fantastical, imagined worlds
  • With explorative essays by curator Kate Bush, previously Head of Art Galleries at the Barbican Centre, UK, and Pedro Gadanho, Curator of Contemporary Architecture at The Museum of Modern Art, New York


Photography has always played a vital role in how architecture is communicated. For most of us, it is how we experience the most exceptional, arresting, unreachable, beautiful or ephemeral works we cannot visit in person. With immediate distribution and consumption of imagery now so readily available, photography and architecture together are more important than ever before.

Single photographers are increasingly working closely and even exclusively with particular architects, allying their work with the design process itself. Some photographers are using new technologies to create visions of new architectures and imagined futures and others seek change through journalistic and social documentation.

Shooting Space: Architecture in Contemporary Photography will cover a diverse range of subjects and themes across the built environment. Presenting the work of leading contemporary architects (from Koolhass to Zadid), intense urbanisation and evolving natural landscapes by international photographers as diverse as Helene Binet, Thomas Struth and Richard Wentworth.

Presenting the most extraordinary work of contemporary architectural photography, Shooting Space will not only provide a quick and engaging display of beautiful photography but more careful examination will reward the reader with a timely survey of our built environment.


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