Photography and modern architecture: a distinctive narrative from Spain


In recent years, there has been increasing international interest in the relationship between photography and architecture. This research topic had been overlooked amongst the other concerns of the study of modern architecture in Spain. In order to fill this gap, the research project ‘Photography and Modern Architecture in Spain, 1925–1965′ (FAME) has been asking the following questions: Who were the important photographers in this period? How did they work and collaborate with architects and the media? And what kind of photography did they create? In order to answer these questions, photographs from the archives of architects, photographers and institutions have been researched and catalogued. The project also conducted multi-disciplinary research into the significant role played by photography’s visual narratives in the establishment and development of modern architecture. The idiosyncratic nature of Spanish architecture adds special substance to this undertaking, as it is a parallel and often hidden discourse within international scholarship. Accordingly, it is worth stressing the importance of contributions from ‘other’ countries to the mainstream account and historiography of the relationship between architecture and photography.

Bergera, Iñaki, «Photography and modern architecture: a distinctive narrative from Spain», The Journal of Architecture, vol. 21, 7 (2016) doi 10.1080/13602365.2016.1233449

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