International Conference inter ≈ photography and architecture


The Research Project FAME, the School of Architecture and the Museum of the University of Navarra present the International Conference inter ≈ photography and architecture

Museo Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain, 2-4 November, 2016

This International Conference aims to delve into the essential cogitations associated to the development of photography and architecture in a contemporary discourse, particularly on their mutual interactions, interferences, intersections and interpretations. The Conference is structured around the following topics:

  • Interactions. Mixed profiles: Architectural Photographers vs Photographic Architects / The photographic gaze as an analytical and design tool for architects to create spaces / Architecture and Image / The Visual Discourse of Architecture
  • Interferences. Photography as a Historical Builder / History of Photography vs. Architectural History / The Documentary Photographs of Architecture.
  • Intersections. Architecture and Urban Landscape in Photography / Architecture under the artistic view / Photography: Piece of art or Document / Discursive and Iconic Records.
  • Interpretations. Museums and Galleries: Curating Architecture / Photography and the Dissemination of Architecture / The role of visual media in shaping the modern and contemporary discourse / Digital photography / Image as a virtual construction.

Keynote speakers: Hélène Binet, Valeria Carullo, Horacio Fernández, Joan Fontcuberta, Manolo Laguillo, Josef Schulz, Claire Zimmerman

Chairs: Iñaki Bergera, Hugh Campbell, Carlos Cánovas, Davide Deriu, Pedro Leão Neto, Rafael Llano, Martí Llorens, Harald R. Stühlinger

Organization, Schedule, Paper presentations, personal profiles, publication, and registration info at the conference web page 

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