World Monuments Fund / Modern Century


The Goal:
Through Modern Century, World Monuments Fund and Bottega Veneta hope to:

  • Develop new networks and strengthen global advocacy efforts for threatened modern sites.
  • Demonstrate the beauty of modern architecture and how it reflects key moments of 20th-century history.
  • Illustrate the breadth of site types and geographic regions touched by Modernism.

The Question: What sites from the Modern Movement move you?
Students are asked to identify a threatened modern site that is important to them from the 20th century. The site may be, for example, an individual building, a complex of buildings, an interior, a garden, or a park. The site may be well-known or not. Broadly speaking, these sites can be identified as Modernist, or can be imagined precursors or reactions (e.g. Postmodernism) to Modernism. Professors are also welcome to submit entries.

The Project:
World Monuments Fund will collect entries at We are seeking help from architecture and design schools, as well as professional firms, around the world. Entries must include at least one photograph of the site and the required information (See submission form for details). Contributors may submit multiple entries.

The Timeline:
All entries must be received by World Monuments Fund no later than December 15, 2016.

What Happens Next?
In early 2017, WMF will create an online gallery populated with information collected in the outreach campaign. The online gallery will highlight select places, themes, locations, etc. that emerge in the process, and provide an overview of geographic regions represented and types of places. When the online gallery is launched, the general public will be invited to submit their submissions as well.

In spring 2017 WMF will convene an international panel of 15-20 expert advisors, including architects, academics, architecture writers, artists and planners, to review a select group of representative submissions, as determined by WMF. WMF will select one student to invite to participate in the advisory council (which will include virtual participation). The selected student’s professor will also be invited to participate. The panel will draw out themes from the submissions and select a small number of sites that illustrate the range of sites and the issues confronting them.

The information gathered will inform WMF’s strategic priorities for 20th century architecture going forward.

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