Japanese Architectural Models 2015


Japanese Architectural Models 2015
Photography by Takashi Homma
80 pages, 4c, 30 × 25cm, Soft cover
Edited by Shigeo Goto. Designed by Yoshihisa Tanaka
First edition, September 2015. Printed in Japan
ISBN 978-4-902080-56-8
¥4,800 (+tax)

Takashi Homma has been producing what he has termed “architectural photographs” from his own point of view. This book is devoted exclusively to 40 and more photographs of prototypes of post-Kenzo Tange Japanese architecture (architectural models), that were taken only for this book. The photographs in the book mainly show the architectural models exhibited in “Japan Architects 1945 – 2010”, an exhibition held at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa in 2014-2015 to celebrate the museum’s 10th anniversary.

“The volume’s subject offers a pretext in reflecting on the practice of design conception: creating a model and its reproduction through photographs are elaborate processes that put into play some themes regarding architectural production, also discussed by another Japanese author, Naoya Hatakeyama, in his book Scales (Nazraeli Press, 2008) following a research residence at the CCA in Montreal on the relationship between photography and architecture models. Without passing as a conservative review on the evolution of 3D design reproduction practices, Japanese Architectural Models 2015consolidates an interest and stimulates the need to use a design representation process based on a direct relationship with architecture spatiality. Making an architectural model is a step in the design process, a 3D layering of the conceptual phase, which allows spatial verification unlike other computer elaboration systems. We can only hope that this practice, obtained thanks to model photo reproduction, is not limited to attentive archive work but is rather constantly renewed by new generations able to re-establish the paradigms of architectural representation according to contemporary needs.” G. Meloni

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